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SuperGeekery Tagstripper Update - Dealing with HTML Special Characters

The Expression Engine add-on I wrote when I made SuperGeekery, SuperGeekery Tag Stripper, has had a small feature update.I've spoken to a few people who have been using the plug in for creating the meta data for their header tags. I think they've basically been taking a field from their content, maybe the summary field or the body field, and placing it in the header so search engines get an accurate view of what the page is about. The Tag... + read on

Setting Facebook Status with Flash (The Easy Way)

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Update: As of June 8, 2011, it appears Facebook has killed this functionality. Adina posted a comment below with a link to Facebook's Feed dialog documentation: It's got everything you need to do this there. I'll eventually update this post to reflect these docs. Update #2: As of July 5, 2011, it appears the method I talked about in this post is working again. Just as Facebook killed... + read on

Why Isn’t OGG Video Playing in Firefox from Amazon S3? It might be all in your headers.

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Let’s assume you’re trying to build a site with HTML5 video playback and you use Amazon S3. Good so far, right? Well, depending on how uploaded your video files to your Amazon S3 server, you might end up with video that won’t play back in Firefox. Actually, it’s not that it won’t load, it won’t even load and attempt to play.It has to do with the headers that are set of the file during their upload. I normally use Transmit, the wonderful FTP... + read on

Setting Twitter Status with Flash

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At JMX2 we recently had a Flash banner campaign that had what looked like a pretty typical feature to implement. Our client wanted a small share button for Facebook and Twitter. For most things in life there's an easy way, and there's a hard way. Luckily, when it comes to Twitter, there's an easy way and it worked perfectly for what we needed to do. You like easy? Me too, that?s what we?re going to tackle today. The Easy Tweet from Flash Take a... + read on

Delaying a function call in Flash AS3.

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In a number of Flash projects we've done at JMX2 (shameless plug), I've run into the situation where I simply wanted to delay the actual execution of a function. Sometimes it was to tweak an animation so its pacing felt right. Often times I wanted to delay a sound clip by a few beats so that it gave the proper timing to the scene.After writing the same code a number of times, I decided to encapsulate that whole process into a class called... + read on

Quick tip: Get a random number between 2 numbers in Flash.

I have a function I end up using in nearly every Flash project I do. It's dead simple, but really useful. It's called getRandom and it takes 2 numbers, and it will return a random number between those values. function getRandom(_min, _max):Number{ var tNumber:Number; tNumber = Math.round(Math.random()*(_max-_min))+_min; return tNumber; }Now go off and make beautiful random numbers. (Or at least the beautiful sudo random numbers, since... + read on

Quick tip: Finding Latitude and Longitude with Google Maps Labs

My posts on how to use Google Maps within Flash have been some of the most popular posts I've had on SuperGeekery. They've generated a lot of emails from people around the world and those questions from readers have helped me learn mapping even better. I got an email recently about centering a map and it gave me the opportunity to use a new tool in the Labs area of Google Maps. I made a short video below on how the feature works. I like... + read on

Quick tip: Search and Replace in MySQL

During the rebuild of this site, I ended up doing a Movable Type Export from my old database and an reimportation into a new "clean" database. It worked decently, but I've still got cleaning up to do in some older posts. Doing a search and replace within my database seemed like the best way to fix the biggest offenders in my posts and that's how I cleaned up the most offending cruft that crept in.Before you try any of this on your own... + read on

SuperGeekery Revamp: HTML 5, EE 2, & Design Block

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SuperGeekery was originally designed in one furious evening of designing in Photoshop and coding in Expression Engine version 1.something. The speedy design and development was a product of equal parts overbooked schedule and typical procrastination. I had arrived in Las Vegas at my first CES in January 2007, a geeky badge of honor to me, and felt compelled to write about the experience, but I didn't have my site built yet. That gave me the... + read on

Expression Engine and the White Screen of a Failed Load

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During the past several months, I've had a little trouble with SuperGeekery, which is built on Expression Engine. I would often get blank white screens if I clicked through the site too quickly. I think this was always when I was logged in as a SuperAdmin and using the control panel. Asking site visitors, I don't know that anyone else was having the problem, but it happened to me regularly. I could also only get this to happen using... + read on