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Hillary Got YouTubed.

Back in mid-January, I wrote an entry here I called The YouTubified Election of 2008. I expected this election to get pretty mean simply because it seems to be the trend in politics. But when you add in the power and the anonymity of the internet into the mix, things can get really dicey.This morning I heard about a mashup video circulating around the web—one part Apple’s famous 1984 commercial, one part Hillary Clinton’s videos from her... + read on

It Doesn’t Matter What They Say, TV Is Here to Stay!

I don’t want to start this with an apology, but I will. I’m sorry, Internet, I really love you. I love interacting, building, sharing, uploading, creating and all that cool stuff that you let me do, but, sometimes, to my personal shame, all that you offer is no replacement for me when I just want to veg out and watch TV and be entertained with no expectation of my involvement other than pressing a few simple buttons on my remote control.... + read on

CES: Rethinking Advertising, New Video Platforms, New Video Paradigms

On Tuesday, I went to Rethinking Advertising: Broadband, VOD, DVR and Mobile - New Video Platforms, New Video Paradigms. One speaker didn’t attend, Will Griffin. Overall, I didn’t think that this session stayed on the topic that it was supposed to. That doesn’t mean some interesting discussion didn’t happen, but it was an unintentional bait and switch. (That’s what we ad people get accused of sometimes, right?) Here are some of my notes from the... + read on

CES: User Generated Media session

The first “knowledge session” I attended at CES 2007 was User Generated Media: An Internet, Communications and Advertising Transformation. It was really informative. My notes from the session aren’t complete but I’ll try to reconstruct as much of them as I can here. Some of my own thoughts have slipped in.User-generated content is providing the voyeuristic view that traditional producers of media wouldn’t approach. Consumer generated media... + read on

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