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Talking with Colmeia TV About Agencies, Advertising Failure & Geekery

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Eduardo Camargo from Colmeia. He, Vini Reis (a friend and former colleague of mine) and I had a great time hanging out and talking about the things that excite a geeks like us: technology, innovation, marketing and more. Eduardo taped it and put part of our conversation on Colmeia’s vlog which you can see below. You can also follow Eduardo and Vini on Twitter.colmeia na gringa | @NYC | episodio 2... + read on

Digital Evangelists Roundtable, Round 1

This past Thursday night I was lucky to be part of group of people got together to talk about the state of digital advertising, technology and what the future holds for marketing in the digital age. John Haake, from Eyeblaster, was the host at ValBella.The evening wasn’t presented as an Eyeblaster event though. No one talked about their technology or what they were selling. It was just a discussion amongst people who care about making... + read on

The Elephant in the Room at PSFK Conference New York

Yesterday I attended PSFK Conference New York. My overriding impression of the conference was that we marketing professionals are all struggling to define what we’re doing. There were loads of smart people presenting their perspective on the web 2.0 world and none of them were wrong, although they often openly contradicted each other.At one point Rob Kallin, founder of, the online craft market place, and Andrew Hoppin from NASA... + read on

Two More Links To Make Your Internet Experience Complete

Opinions are like blogs, everybody’s got one. But some blogs are better than others, so I thought I’d share a couple that you might not know about. The first is focused on the ad business, the second is a thoughtful perspective on our culture. Both are worth checking out.Ad Aged—Will Madison Avenue Become Detroit? by George Tannenbaum, as you might guess, is the advertising focused blog. I worked for George for a couple years and he’s filled... + read on

The 3 Buzzword Takeaway of SXSWi 2008

I’m on a plane traveling back from my very first SXSWi. If you’re a geek, and there’s a chance you are if you’re reading, there is a special place and time waiting for you down in Austin next year at SXSWi. Put simply, it’s dorks, nerds and geeks gathering in one place sharing/challenging ideas, rubbing shoulders the Internet famous, and going out drinking and partying like it’s pledge week at a college where the jocks are... + read on

Consistently Good Emails

Apple gets loads of praise for their products. Thoughtful design and user-centric interfaces make them the best in their class. This level of finish goes beyond iPhones, iPods, and computers. It shows in their marketing of the products as well. When a new Apple television ad is released, it usually has the same qualities and the ads make the rounds of the blogosphere.But what about the simpler things, like the numerous email messages Apple... + read on

Parody Ads Tell You A Lot About Your Brand

Last year Tom Ford released a fragrance for men that has received less than stellar reviews. A friend showed me the parody of the site. If you want to see them both, do so at your own risk. They are not what I’d call “safe for work”. Click here for the original site. Click here for the parody. I can see why someone did a parody of those Tom Ford ads. They are pretentious and stupid. I think the parody serves as fair warning for any brand with... + read on

How to make a video go “viral.”

A friend who is a director recently asked me about how to get his viral video he’s made “seen” by people. That’s sort of the $6 million question, right? I don’t have the answer unfortunately, but I’ve got some clues, thanks to 6 really good blog posts. Here they are.Seven Deadly Sins of Advertising Via Viral Video More Viral Video Lessons: An Interview with the My-Box-In-A-Box Geniuses The Rules Of Viral Web Success, according to AdWeek. And... + read on

How Turning Off JavaScript Changes Advertising

I’ve mentioned the danger of browsing the web with JavaScript turned on before. (See the previous post here.) I encouraged you to turn off your JavaScript in that post.To review, why exactly is JavaScript dangerous? I’ll quote a recent article I read. “The fact that JavaScript can be used… to capture keystrokes or upload files should be cause for concern and reason to disable JavaScript whenever possible.” Basically, having JavaScript “always... + read on

When You Stick an Ad in My Game, It Better Be Good.

Can you imagine Mario trying to save a big can of Pepsi for Princess Peach? Maybe if you complete the whole six-pack, you get a rare bonus Crystal Pepsi!If you’re reading this at some distant point in the future, I sure hope you don’t find Mario World invaded by Pepsi, but the video game landscape has finally caught the notice of big advertisers. I recent read Is In-Game Advertising About to Take Off?, an article discussing how ripe video... + read on

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