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A case-insensative clickTag for Flash banners

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If you make Flash banners that run across multiple media sites, the lack of a standard "clickTag" can be a huge pain. (What's a clickTag? Read here.) Some media sites use clickTag. The version with that is all lower-case except for a capital T seem seems to be the most common form, but there are sites that use clickTAG, clicktag, or CLICKTAG. What that means is that you can end up creating multiple versions of a banner just to deal with the... + read on

How To Add Spotlight Tags in Flash AS3

At JMX2, we build a lot of Flash advertising pieces for a variety of clients. At the end of the process, we get asked to “put these Spotlight tags in” from media companies. They nearly always send AS2 code for you to drop into your pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten AS3 code. If you try to place this AS2 tagging code into an AS3 project, a landing page, for example, you will get errors.What the Doubleclick Spotlight tag does.The... + read on

Ad Agencies and the Integration of Traditional and Digital.

The interactive portion of SXSW 2009 wrapped up yesterday. If you followed my Twitter feed, you probably know I went to a lot of interesting panels.During one session, Models for Agency Integration, my tweets resulted in a lot of requests from friends for my notes so I decided to post what notes I took and some additional thoughts here on SuperGeekery.The session was unique in that it was the only session I attended handled by a single... + read on

6 Tips for Finding a Job in Advertising in 2009

Last week was a bad week for quite a few friends in the ad business. Being laid off is always startling, even when you know it’s coming. I thought I’d share some of the tips and advice I’ve shared with friends who have recently been laid off. I hope it might help someone else find work in the ad business in it’s current crazy state. If you’ve got more tips, please post them in the comments section for others. Thanks.If you don’t have your... + read on

Predictions for 2009, Plus How to Survive and Maybe Thrive

2008. (Deep breath.) That was an interesting year.The belief that the phrase “May you live in interesting times” comes from an ancient Chinese curse is suspect according to Wikipedia.Many people would counter that Wikipedia itself is suspect, but Wikipedia has become ubiquitous for a reason. It’s useful and the price is right. And that reason is plays a roll in this obligatory predictions-for-the-new-year post.There is certainly an air of... + read on

How Does User-Generated Backlash Effect Sales? Was Toyota Saved by Zero?

If you’re reading this post (and you live in the USA) around the time I writing it, there is no need to show you Toyota’s Saved By Zero commercial. It has been played to death on the airwaves. What makes it unique is some magical mojo of that claws at the nerves. (If you want to watch it for a little refresher, I’ve included it at the very end of this post.)For some reason, this spot has garnered a very special ire. It’s probably got a lot to... + read on

How to Opt-Out of Online Ad Tracking

I work in the digital advertising world, but I am also a big advocate of online privacy. Life if full of contradictions, right? Actually I believe these ideas can co-exist, but most people don’t know the options they have around online behavioral tracking. Here’s how to keep your online surfing behavior private if that’s what you want.Opt out? Did you ever opt in?Before we go into how you can update your browser to help protect your privacy,... + read on

Ad Agencies Have a Relationship Problem

I’ve never seen the play I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, but its title has come to mind during more than a couple recent conversations when the topic of traditional advertising agencies and their clients comes up. If I were to write a play about the ad business today, I’d call it I Like You Sometimes, You Cost Too Much For What You Deliver, And If You Change, I’m Leaving You. Clearly my title is not as catchy as the original, but I think... + read on

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