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Who is SuperGeekery? Why, that would be me, John Morton. This is me, circa Kindle 1.0 with one of my feline friends. In non-geek terms that puts this photo roughly in March 2008.

I love the Internet

The short story behind this blog is that I love technology, gadgets, building thing, breaking things and rebuilding them better than they were before. I’ve pursued a career in advertising in the ‘pre-Internet’ days and jumped ship in the late 1990’s, just in time for the Internet Bubble to burst. I stuck with it though, and now co-own a digital shop. (If you’re so inclined, you can read more about that on my work page here.)

Jumping ship from general advertising to being a “digital” creative was a wonderful thing for me. I wasn’t looking forward to building banner ads necessarily. In 1999, that was a pretty unglamorous thing to be doing. I just loved the wide open possibilities the Internet offered. It’s still a magical thing to me.

Necessity is the father of motivation.

SuperGeekery was finally launched after 1 furious day of coding the night before CES 2007. I had been planning on launching it for a long time, but it always got pushed aside because I had other things on my plate. Attending CES was the motivator to finally get it live. That original design lasted 3 years, and while not a work of art, it sufficed for a long time. As of February 2010, SuperGeekery got a very cool make-over, with a strong design from my long-time friend, Monika Keher, co-owner of TRÜF Creative. I love the fresh air she’s breathed into the site.

The look may be new, but the content will continue to be SuperGeekery, a mix of my thoughts about the state of marketing, pop culture, and lots and lots of geeky stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

The Geeky Details

SuperGeekery is built on Expression Engine 2 and uses different styles based on the day you happen to be here. It uses a few plug-ins, including one I wrote specifically for building the site called SuperGeekery Tag Stripper. You can learn more about it here.

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