Quick tip: Get a random number between 2 numbers in Flash.

I have a function I end up using in nearly every Flash project I do. It's dead simple, but really useful. It's called getRandom and it takes 2 numbers, and it will return a random number between those values. function getRandom(_min, _max):Number{ var tNumber:Number; tNumber = Math.round(Math.random()*(_max-_min))+_min; return tNumber; }Now go off and make beautiful random numbers. (Or at least the beautiful sudo random numbers, since... + read on

Round Ice Cubes: The Sequel

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Back in 2007, I found some ice cube trays that were really cool to me. They made large spherical ice cubes. I wrote about them here at SuperGeekery in a post called A Geeky Spin Chilling a Cocktail - Round Ice Cubes. The term "round ice cubes" continues to be a top driver to this site. Who would have guessed there was a subculture that thought round ice cubes were as cool as I think they are?For the round ice cube obsessed, there is bad... + read on

Quick tip: Finding Latitude and Longitude with Google Maps Labs

My posts on how to use Google Maps within Flash have been some of the most popular posts I've had on SuperGeekery. They've generated a lot of emails from people around the world and those questions from readers have helped me learn mapping even better. I got an email recently about centering a map and it gave me the opportunity to use a new tool in the Labs area of Google Maps. I made a short video below on how the feature works. I like... + read on

SXSW 2010: The Buzzword Takeaway

Another SXSW Interactive ends. The “spring break for nerds” lived up to its unofficial title again. I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends and making new ones. SXSW is just as much making those connections as the panels you attend. Add the panels and the conversations that they inspire over drink and meals after each day's events and a picture of what's in store for the interactive world over the near future begins to... + read on

SXSW Interactiive 2010 Winding Down

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Today is day 4 of 5 of SXSW Interactive. It's a mixture of exhilaration and exhaustion. This morning reminds me of waking up on the Saturday morning of the last real weekend of summer. Everyone is a little sun burnt but there's a glow about everyone. Last night we were all out too late but we're up and ready to spend another day with our friends but the heat of the summer is going to be over soon and real life will begin again in just a few... + read on

Quick tip: Search and Replace in MySQL

During the rebuild of this site, I ended up doing a Movable Type Export from my old database and an reimportation into a new "clean" database. It worked decently, but I've still got cleaning up to do in some older posts. Doing a search and replace within my database seemed like the best way to fix the biggest offenders in my posts and that's how I cleaned up the most offending cruft that crept in.Before you try any of this on your own... + read on

SuperGeekery Revamp: HTML 5, EE 2, & Design Block

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SuperGeekery was originally designed in one furious evening of designing in Photoshop and coding in Expression Engine version 1.something. The speedy design and development was a product of equal parts overbooked schedule and typical procrastination. I had arrived in Las Vegas at my first CES in January 2007, a geeky badge of honor to me, and felt compelled to write about the experience, but I didn't have my site built yet. That gave me the... + read on

Expression Engine and the White Screen of a Failed Load

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During the past several months, I've had a little trouble with SuperGeekery, which is built on Expression Engine. I would often get blank white screens if I clicked through the site too quickly. I think this was always when I was logged in as a SuperAdmin and using the control panel. Asking site visitors, I don't know that anyone else was having the problem, but it happened to me regularly. I could also only get this to happen using... + read on

Expression Engine 2 Plugin: SuperGeekery Tag Stripper

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Note: Since it's initial release, the SuperGeekery Tag Stripper has had a few minor updates. It is now at version 1.0.4, as of Feb. 14, 2014. The links in the article point to the most recent version of the addon at GitHub.The redesign of SuperGeekery coincided with the release of Expression Engine 2 which gave me the opportunity to jump into the latest version of EE on a project that I was the client on, allowing me to be potentially break... + read on

A Quick Way To Password Protect a Web Page.

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There are a variety of ways to password protect pages online. Perhaps the easiest is to use an .htaccess file. The reason this is the easiest way is because it’s built into the control panel at many hosting companies. I use Dreamhost and it’s control panel makes it automatic. Sweet. If you don’t have that as part of your hosting package, check out this article at htmllite for a walk through on do it yourself.What I don’t like about the... + read on