Setting Facebook Status with Flash - Version 3

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A quick adendum to this post: Facebook has once again changed the API. As of July 12, 2011, you can no longer set the 'message' part of the status message. The lack of a message prompt makes the app we build here a little pointless, but not entirely. You can still set the image, the caption, and other pieces of information that will accompany a user's status message, but the message content itself is no longer able to be prompted by you as the... + read on

Auto Print an HTML Page

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I recently worked on a project for a client who wanted to allow a user to view and print a number of recipes directly from a Flash banner. There were all the other ways of interacting with the recipes as well, like emailing, sharing on Facebook, and sharing on Twitter. (I don't go into those other thing in this post, but you can find me talking about how to do things like that elsewhere on SuperGeekery.)Additionally, the client wanted these... + read on

Untangling MX: Setting up DNS records for a web site with different mail server.

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Image by Ryan Alexander

I recently had to set up an MX record for a client and although I’ve set them up before, it suddenly made sense to me in a way that it hadn’t before. Perhaps my story will help someone else have a similar epiphany.Basic name server set up.My client had their site and their mail all handled by the same serving company. This meant their name server records were basic. There were 3 entries and that was it. All traffic to their domain used the... + read on

Setting Facebook Status with Flash (The Hard Way)

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You may have already checked my post Setting Facebook Status with Flash (The Easy Way). As the name implies, that?s the easy way to prompt a user to update their status. That version basically calls a special Facebook URL from Flash that prompt a user with suggested text in the status window that they can edit before they post. That method is useful for many situations. It's a lightweight and very simple to code.But why do things the easy way... + read on

Quick tip: Make the Facebook User Interface Play Nice with Flash in Chrome

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We recently updated the brick breaker game on the homepage of to use the Facebook API for Flash. Basically, if you want to share your score, the game will let you post your score to your wall on Facebook. It can do this because the game is a register Facebook application.It was all going well until I tested the game in Google Chrome on the Mac. (At the time I write this, Google Chrome was at 10.0.648.127.) The embedded Flash movie... + read on

A FaceTime Audio Bug?

I’m working on a simple video recorder with Flash and I was having a strange issue with audio, but I thought I’d post here about it since I didn’t find any other posts online about it.I have a MacPro and and Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac and I’m happy with it, although it doesn’t record hi def video like the box claims. (Logictech says this is because it relies on the Mac OSX drivers which don’t current support it, but I digress.) This... + read on

How to change your CSS styles based on the day of the week with Expression Engine

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The Double Rainbow Guy.

This site’s color scheme changes every day of the week thanks to the design’s flexibility. (Thanks, Monika!) For example, if you’re seeing this on a Thursday, the whole site is orange. If you come back 7 days in a row to see all the pretty colors, you’ll make my Google Analytics giddy as a schoolgirl.How can you do the same thing with your Expression Engine site? Well, there many ways, but I’ll tell you about 2 of them that I used in... + read on

Where there’s a will, there’s a dial. A dial component for Flash.

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For a recent Flash project at JMX2, I needed to have a dial for a user to turn and it would effect affect how many particles were generated by a particle generator.There wasn't a dial component in the standard Flash IDE, so I looked around online and although there seemed to be a couple Flex versions, I didn't find a Flash version. I needed to make one myself. A dial seems so simple but there's more going on there than you might guess. It... + read on

How to make a mobile version of your site with Expression Engine 2.

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If you visit, you will see a very simple version of this site. (NOTE: As of June 1, 2012, I stopped maintaining the mobile example site, but the tutorial that follows still works.) It’s not a full fledged version of this site, but it served as an experimental exercise for what I wanted to try. Basically, I wanted to have a mobile-friendly version of my site without needing to write content in 2 different entries in my... + read on

SuperGeekery Tagstripper Update - Dealing with HTML Special Characters

The Expression Engine add-on I wrote when I made SuperGeekery, SuperGeekery Tag Stripper, has had a small feature update.I've spoken to a few people who have been using the plug in for creating the meta data for their header tags. I think they've basically been taking a field from their content, maybe the summary field or the body field, and placing it in the header so search engines get an accurate view of what the page is about. The Tag... + read on

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